Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

The rapper known as Jim Jones uploaded a two-minute-long video of himself complaining about his treatment in a Gucci store. The “Ballin!” rapper says that he and his entourage had been ignored for the better part of two hours. There was allegedly no sparkling water or other beverage brought to them the entire time. And of course, it didn’t take long for allegations of “racism” to get thrown out there. Jim Jones complained about black employees of the store being “worse” with racism than their white counterparts.

Maybe the Gucci store decided to ignore the rapper and his entourage. That’s a possibility. Maybe the black store manager was racist against the black rapper and his black entourage. That’s also possible. But there are other possibilities. Maybe the store was simply understaffed like many retail and restaurant locations are across the United States of America. Maybe other customers are also receiving poor service. There are a ton of other issues that could have caused Jim Jones bad experience other than race.

Another point to make here is that Jim Jones says he was set to pay a bill of $29,000. That is the price of a vehicle paid for in cash brand new off the lot. If a person is willing to spend that much money on clothing, surely they have more than one option when it comes to places to shop. If the customer service is so bad, the logical solution would be to take your business elsewhere. Maybe the need to be “fly” with the hottest “drip” is worth hours of stress and a cry to the darkness by going on the internet to complain about rich people’s problems.


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Jim Jones Ignored at Gucci Store; Blasts Employees On Internet | News | BET

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