Sun. Aug 14th, 2022

(NATIONAL FILE) – A University of Virginia (UVA) hospital doctor told a patient that a COVID vaccine is a “requirement” to get a kidney transplant. The UVA Health system is keeping the man, Shamgar Connors, “inactive” on the kidney transplant waiting list because he refuses to take the Coronavirus injection. But documents obtained by NATIONAL FILE, including a letter that the UVA Health system sent to U.S. Congressman Rob Wittman, provide some hope for Shamgar Connors. In the documents, the UVA hospital and another university official admitted that the COVID vaccine is not actually required to get a kidney transplant, according to the hospital’s own policy. Thus, the doctor provided false information to the patient.

“In the paperwork the doctor was basically saying I was crazy for not getting a shot,” Shamgar Connors told NATIONAL FILE, referring to female doctor Karen Warburton. “I have to be put in front of a panel to see if I can even be deemed sane enough to get a kidney transplant…Not only do they deny me medical treatment over political B.S., they’re denying me my rights by saying this guy is too crazy to get a kidney transplant.”

Shamgar Connors said that when Virginia U.S. Congressman Rob Wittman wrote a letter to the hospital, the hospital confirmed that the vaccine is not mandatory. “They said the vaccine is not a requirement, it’s just something they take into account,” Connors said. “Why is that even part of the process?”

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