Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

The French president has said he seeks to protect the country from ‘world’s disorders’

French president Emmanuel Macron confirmed his re-run for presidency on Thursday. If he wins the April elections, he would become the first French leader in two decades to run the country for two terms in a row.

“We have not achieved everything we set out to do. There are choices that, with the experience I have gained from you, I would probably make differently,” Macron said in a letter published by several regional newspapers.

The French leader listed multiple crises he had to deal with over his presidency, including the Covid-19 pandemic, protests, militant attacks, and the current war in Ukraine.

“I am running to defend our values that the world’s disorders are threatening,” he said.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin. © AFP / Alexey NIKOLSKY
Putin talks to Macron, details Russian demands on Ukraine

“Of course, I will not be able to campaign as I would have liked because of the context,” he said, while vowing to “explain our project with clarity and commitment.”

The first round of elections begins on April 10. So far, opinion polls have projected centrist Macron as the most favorable candidate to win the race, with far-right politician Marine Le Pen currently in second place.