Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

At the end of January, Kristina Munford, her siblings and her dad set off for a fun, spontaneous road trip from Oklahoma to check out one of the world’s wonders: The Grand Canyon.

As they traveled through the desert on their way to the famous site, they made quite the discovery.

They decided to take a pit stop at Elephant Feet Rocks, 26 miles from the nearest town — when they saw something move in the bushes as they took a family photo.

It was a dog: young, malnourished and exhausted, but alive.

“His face had like … a gash … kind of in the middle. He wasn’t really moving his back legs. We thought he was injured, but it just turns out he was exhausted,” Munford told KPNX. “And I looked at my dad, I go, ‘Dad, we can’t leave him out here, we gotta take him with us.'”

So they did.

After they saw the Grand Canyon, they had a few more locations in mind — but the hotels they’d arranged to stay at wouldn’t allow dogs.

So, they made arrangements for the dog, now called “Canyon,” to stay with family in California and set the pup up with his very own Facebook page.

“On a driving vacation from Oklahoma to California this past Saturday, this little pup (now called Canyon) was found alone in the Arizona desert, 26 miles from the nearest town,” the first post from the AZ Canyon page reads.

“After an 8 hour car ride, he arrived in California. The following day he was checked by a vet and confirmed he was not micro chipped.

“This page will document his journey to his forever home.”

While no owner has stepped forward and it very much looks as though the pup was abandoned, he is certainly living his best life now, sleeping on comfy beds, enjoying the company of other dogs and getting lots of basic socializing and training to help him be a very good boy.

“They are going to foster him until they either fall in love with him and keep him themselves or find him a good home,” Munford said, KPNX reported.

In the meantime, you can follow his journey on his Facebook page, where his foster family posts regular updates.

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