Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Ben Shapiro recently gave a speech at UNC Greensboro about the hot button issue of gender identity. Shapiro is a well-known voice in the conservative movement who has had his share of “controversial” moments. Simply reciting basic known facts about biology should not be cause for concern but unfortunately, that is the case in today’s day and age. A young man from the crowd decided to get up and challenge Shapiro on his ideas surrounding gender. The “conversation” then went off the rails when the person challenged Shapiro’s masculinity. And, of course, race was brought into the mix for some reason. Please watch the full clip below and the entire lecture is available in the “sources” section below.


Men cannot become women | Ben Shapiro LIVE at UNC Greensboro – YouTube

Ian Miles Cheong on Twitter: “If this kid is really a mathematician and a physicist then America’s future is not in good hands.” / Twitter

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