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Ex-strip club owner reveals fantastic news in rest of the story


Feb 2, 2023

(FRONT LINES OHIO) — LEXINGTON — A recent wave of sex businesses have closed in North Central Ohio and are falling like dominos. Three sex businesses have closed in the region over the past two years. While the doors of strip clubs are closing, the doors of the church appear to be opening. One women who formerly owned two strip clubs has stepped across that threshold.

“My husband Steve and I both needed a church to go to and we stumbled across Fusion Church in Lexington,” says Donna Holbrook. “We love the atmosphere and the people. Not only that, but the Holy Spirit is there and that is important to us. In April 2019, we gave our lives to the LORD. But while we were transferring and doing all these things, we still owned two gentlemens’ clubs. So when we gave our lives to the LORD, our hearts changed.”

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“Prior to going to church, we were reaching out to these girls (dancers) and helping them get back into college; we found them jobs in order to get them out of the clubs. We bought clothing and food for the girls and had a Bible at each of our clubs. These girls (dancers) would be like, ‘What are you doing with a Bible in this kind of place?’ I know this is not normal, but that is what we did. We were not there to make money, we were there to save souls. This was our heart: to be inside the clubs and helping the girls get out.”

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