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Illegals with driver’s licenses: What could go wrong?


Feb 4, 2023

If you’re an illegal alien in California, can you have a legitimate and legal driver’s license?

“Technically,” no. Realistically, yes. As matter of fact, thousands of illegals have legitimate and legal licenses in the state, and there is no way, at this point, to put an end to it.

The issue stems back to the fact that in 2015, a law was enacted to remove the state’s legal resident requirement for obtaining a driver’s license.

Did it work? The latest figures released by CalMatters and the state show that more than a million illegals since 2015 have gotten licenses, and hundreds of thousands have renewed those licenses to enable them to continue driving legally in the state for years. Considering that there are an estimated 3.3 million illegal aliens residing in the state and the number increases annually, there is no end to the issue.

The reality is that for those who are in favor of open borders, the issue of licenses for illegals is important. The reason behind that is that an arrest for drunk driving is usually the first criminal charge the alien faces, and it puts them in line for arrest and deportation.

The numbers are astonishing. In 2022, more than 8,700 illegals with drunk driving charges were arrested by ICE agents. In addition, more than 17,000 illegal aliens with drunk driving convictions were arrested by ICE agents.

The whole issue is fraught with confusion. The groups in favor of increased immigration and relaxed rules for those illegals see no problem with the situation. Those who want limits on the number of illegal illegals in the state look for ways to cut down the number of people entering the country illegally – but given the loose enforcement of border regulations, that isn’t in the realm of possibility at this point in time.

What we have now is increasing numbers of border crossers, and there doesn’t seem to be any realistic possibility for that to change.

The numbers annually are increasing and are setting records. The federal government seems not to care about the issue while the people living along the border are dealing with the daily problem of illegals in their towns and cities.

What is changing is that there is an increasing number of residents of California who are leaving the state – most of them are white and middle-class – and they are leaving for states that are more tax friendly. It’s estimated that more than 300,000 California residents have already left. How the state can make up for the lost tax revenue from those people has yet to be determined.

From a personal financial point of view, that is good. For the state, however, it presents a problem. It means a reduction in tax revenues at a time when the governor and the legislature are counting on increasing revenues to meet their spending goals – goals that are ever increasing.

While all this is going on, the state is dealing with a proposal to pay $5 million to every black person living in San Francisco in the form of “reparations.” Despite the fact that California was never a slave state, the idea has taken hold to come up with millions of dollars to pay blacks of today for the suffering of their supposed ancestors. Who would qualify and how much would they ultimately get remains to be determined, but it is an issue that is causing great local controversy.

It could mean the city would be responsible for a total bill of more than $50 billion!

Where that money would come from, remains to be seen.

And Californians thought taxes were a problem before!

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