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Kari Lake ‘entertaining’ major run for public office if she loses election case


Feb 8, 2023

Arizona Republican Kari Lake took a step closer on Monday to throw her hat in the ring for a 2024 U.S. Senate run, contingent on her election challenge case of the governor’s race not being successful.

Asked by “Real America’s Voice” host Charlie Kirk if she was considering a run for the seat currently held by independent Sen. Krysten Sinema, Lake answered, “Yes, I am entertaining it.”

“I mean my number one priority is our court case, and I have full confidence in our court case, and I have hope that we’ll get a judge to do the right thing, but I’m also looking at what happens if we don’t get a decent ruling in that,” she said.

“They want me to go away. They want our movement to go away,” Lake continued. “I represent ‘We the people,’ and if they want us gone so badly that they’re willing to steal an election, then I’m not going to let them have that. I won’t go away.

“I’ve seen some internal polling that shows I’m the only Republican who can beat these other two,” she said, referring to Sinema and Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego, who declared his candidacy for Senate last month.

Lake reiterated that she would get into the Senate race contingent on her election challenge of Democrat Katie Hobbs’ win in the gubernatorial race not being successful.

Lake’s case is currently at the Arizona Court of Appeals, but she has pledged to take it to the state Supreme Court, if she loses at the appeals level.

Last week, the former Phoenix news anchor stirred speculation of a possible Senate bid when she reportedly met with representatives from the National Republican Senatorial Committee in Washington, D.C.

Last month, the Lake campaign noted if she were to run for Senate, polling suggests she could win.

A January survey conducted by Blueprint Polling found Lake was leading by 4 points over Gallego and by 22 points over Sinema, who switched from Democrat to independent in December.

The telephone survey of 618 voters had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.9 percent.

“Kari Lake polls at 36 percent in a three-way Senate race with Gallego and Sinema,” a Blueprint Polling news release said. “The congressman follows closely at 32 percent while the incumbent polls less than 14 percent. One in six voters are undecided.”

In other words, Lake could be the beneficiary of the Democrats duking it out for the left-of-center vote in Arizona, giving the Republican a pathway right into the Senate.

Kirk said from the 35,000-foot view, given the three-way race, a Lake senate candidacy in 2024 looks “very compelling.”

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