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Why we must reelect Trump the Imperfect


Feb 24, 2023

Oh Donald, what are we going to do with you?

One might actually believe that former President Trump needs to “come clean” to get our full support, but it seems pretty unlikely. He isn’t all that big on admitting his mistakes. Maybe it simply isn’t possible. A handful of the righteous might honor an act of good conscience – but the rabid pack of leftist predators would turn his words into teeth with which to tear him to pieces.

We may love him. We may be grateful for the purposeful combativeness that led to the America First movement, as close to a national resurrection from near death as can be imagined. We may not think there is anyone better suited to fight the powers of darkness without being compromised from without. He is happily too rich to be bought. But can we look without seeing a man already compromised from within? A man who is still bragging about the vaccine that “saved millions”?

It didn’t. There isn’t just a question of troubling “baggage.” God help him, but he stands at the front of an endless procession of hearses.

Trump got played. He got steered into a partnership with the devil, masquerading as Tony Fauci & Company. The maniacs who had sought that one chink in his armor had finally reached their epiphany. It’s been noted that he is something of a germaphobe, whose concern for the well-being of the electorate is paramount.. So, they hooked him into panic porn along with the rest of us. They set the stage to maximize the death count, both real and pretended.

They also convinced him to leave the mass murders in the nursing homes (like infected blankets for the Indians) to the justice of the (Democratic) states, though federal laws were plainly broken.

They led him by the nose, threatening to tar him as a monster if he didn’t press the mass production and delivery of “ventilators,” which were truly no more than killing machines. Within a month he could boast to having glutted the market here and started exporting worldwide.

The success stories he’d begun to share were only “anecdotal,” so they told him to back off calling for treatment first, with hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin or any of a hundred normal medical symptomatic prescriptions to alleviate breathing difficulties, proven to be quite effective in earlier flu seasons. They seem to have convinced him that it would only interfere with his great Operation Warp Speed to produce a vaccine and save the day. It was a trap that had been laid out far in advance. He allowed the World Health Organization (which surely served China first) to dictate ruinous policies. He allowed the medical profession to be penultimately subverted, honest doctors challenged or ruined, and forced to promote an insane regimen of sending people home, untreated, to wait for the symptoms to worsen to the point at which hospitalization was required, with a requisite course of treatment there, most likely to be fatal. (Yes, folks, about 80% of those who were put on ventilators died.)

Did the president grasp that, by law, no vaccine could gain “emergency approval” if there were effective alternative treatments? Did he cease and desist in suggesting any such alternatives when it was made clear that they might render his cherished OWS moot? Did he invite the Frontline Doctors into the White House for further discussion when they proclaimed their treatments successes from the Capitol steps? Did he object to their being slandered and silenced by the national media? Did Dr. Scott Atlas really get his attention? Did Donald Trump really perform his due diligence?

Do we need to become “Never-Trumpers” to ask these questions? Or do we need to address these issues as we might with a beloved family member? “Dammit, Donald, you can do better!” Can we see in Trump a man of magnificent accomplishment, however dreadfully imperfect?

Do we need to ask who else is there who might actually be able to turn the tide against our approaching national annihilation?

Our prayer must be that in 2024 the fear of God (and/or of a righteously enraged electorate) might caution the cheaters and frauds just enough that the awakening giant of patriotic America may finally begin to prevail.

As for Donald Trump, let him make his public confessions to the ghostwriter he hires, sometime in the 2030s. The only confession that matters or leads to change is the quietly desperate one that a man makes to God. Those shared only with men tend to be of the Pharisees’ manner, spoken to men for men’s approval. For him to admit to any shortcomings now would only throttle any chance of correcting those things he did that were less than magnificent, and would provide our enemies with the shovels they long to use to bury him.

Let Trump be Trump. We need a wild man, not a monk. For all his sins let him be all the more determined. Churchill stomached the catastrophe of the World War I campaign he ordered in Gallipoli, where the Turkish army slaughtered English soldiers by the tens of thousands. He buried it in his heart where it burned and tempered a steel conviction that enabled him to will the impossible against the insurmountable onslaught of Hitler’s demonic attack.

The man is not stupid. So, it behooves us (me) not to be stupid. If we are willing to follow the man who represents our only actual path away from the utter destruction being planned for us, we must see clearly. Trump is not one who cares to admit his mistakes. Fine! But hasn’t he shown, throughout his life, an ability to learn from them? No one knows better than he how immense, how rich and how heartless is the Deep State, which Trump, more than anyone, exposed. It beat him once. He really doesn’t like to lose. And he’s really into payback. Just keep watching and ask, what causes the panicked fear of the leftist minions? Why do their attacks continue however absurd and impotent?

Trump the Imperfect is the perfectly singular instrument for an America First victory. He knows how deep the rots goes, and he knows it in his gut. All the better to maintain the triumph, we pray God is willing, when we have risen to join him, to fight for him.

And to reelect him.

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