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‘Pathetic’: Watch Megyn Kelly destroy Sally Field for apologizing for being white


Mar 1, 2023

It seems as if the Hollywood elites cannot make it through one public appearance without regurgitating at least one woke talking point.

Another such instance happened at Sunday night’s Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles when actress Sally Field took the stage to accept her lifetime achievement award — and almost immediately turned it into an apology for being white.

“I was a little white girl with a pug nose born in Pasadena, California,” she said, “and when I look around this room tonight, I know my fight, as hard as it was, was lightweight compared to some of yours.”

Essentially, Field claimed that because of her skin color, she did not have to work as hard for her achievements as other actors and actresses who are racial minorities, making her achievements nothing compared to theirs.

Unfortunately for Field, not everyone bought into this racial self-flagellation. Conservative commentator Megyn Kelly took to her podcast to lambast Field for her “pathetic speech.”

In a segment, she co-hosted with Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla, Kelly slammed the speech as “pathetic, obvious virtue-signaling.”

Dr. Drew responded by saying, “My wife used to always say that no one is lower on the totem pole than a white female … and I think this is being proven to be correct.”

Kelly then slammed Field for automatically assuming that all people of color are oppressed. “It’s so diminishing to, to like people of color who are in the room … Why should she assume that they’ve all had it so bad?”

Are today’s entertainers America-haters?

Adam Carolla echoed that sentiment, pointing out that the Biden administration often clumps the poor and people of color together. “I don’t understand why more people don’t raise their hand and go, ‘You know what you sound like when you say this kind of stuff.'”

Kelly and Carolla are spot on with this assessment here. These assumptions on the part of the woke elites only serve to belittle and demean the very racial minorities that they claim to care so much about.

It implies that any people of color, simply by virtue of being born with that skin color, are automatically oppressed and need special help in order to succeed in life.

It is just like saying that white people are automatically privileged oppressors by virtue of being born white, without any consideration for the different circumstances that determine how individuals live.

This type of thinking is frankly quite backward. It is the very definition of the critical race theory that — thanks to Black Lives Matter — has taken over the educational institutions of America these days.

These types of speeches only serve to demonize white people as evil, and to demean African Americans and other people of color as helpless and powerless.

If this is not racism, then I am not sure what is.

These narratives only serve to further divide our already polarized country. It is time that the elites stopped pushing these insane narratives that turn Americans against one another.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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