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What America really needs – and it’s not just politics


Mar 10, 2023

America has forgotten its Constitution.

It has turned it back on the education of its children.

It has rejected its heritage, its history.

It has thrown decency and the rule of law out the window.

It has failed to recognize the principles upon which it was founded.

But most of all, it has squandered its blessings from God.

What came first? Slowly but surely, America did all this simultaneously – over time. It was a steady progression as people gradually lost their way. We didn’t even know what was happening.

What was the most obvious sign and trigger?

Someone once asked Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the Russian novelist, what turned the Soviet Union into the standard bearer of Communism. Without hesitating, he said, “We forget about God.” When that happens, failure is inevitable. It’s very tough to reverse the process.

When, in America, did we forget about God? I would say it came around the time of two Supreme Court decisions in 1962 and 1963 overruling prayer in schools. One day we prayed in school. The next day we didn’t. It had a ripple effect. The president was assassinated in the streets of Dallas. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated too. Bobby Kennedy also. It was a horrendous time in America. All hell was breaking loose – literally.

As a new feature film recalls, a “Jesus Revolution” changed America’s trajectory temporarily in the 1970s. The blessing of the most popular president followed, from 1981 to 1989. It was morning in America, again. But it didn’t last long. Then the people had another standard-bearer in 2016. America had backslid long enough. Surprise! Donald Trump gave America hope again, but the celebration was short-lived. Man intervened, and the next election was obviously stolen, and the China virus hit. It was a double whammy.

Today, there is talk of another revival. It seems real – but there are also rumors of nuclear Armageddon. What’s it gonna be? Spiritual renewal or all-out war?

I recap this history to warn that we may have just one more chance to get this right.

It starts with God.

It always has.

The Creator laid out a perfect world in the Garden of Eden. It didn’t take long for man to blow it. Soon enough we will have one more chance to listen carefully for God’s enduring instructions. Most people will not accept them. But some, part of what we know as the Remnant, will. That’s what the Bible teaches.

Will you be a part of it, or not? You may have one more chance. Will you follow Him? That’s the question. For those who do, there will be rewards beyond measure – for eternity!

What it takes is obedience. It starts with turning to Him – repentance. It’s the same old story. If you want to live in a new heaven and earth, His Kingdom, that’s your choice. You can have God’s Commandments embedded in your uncircumcised heart. You can live forever – like Jesus does. You can inherit the promises made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – even as a gentile.

Will you accept it or not?

It’s been the same story all along. Religion gets it all messed up. Satan, the adversary, makes that easy. God wants to make you us his children. It takes obedience – that’s all.

You can inherit what the prophets compare to a renewed Garden of Eden. You can live in covenant with God.

But unfortunately, most won’t choose it. Does that surprise you?

It shouldn’t. We have to play be God’s rules. It’s that simple. Most won’t. The Remnant will – forever.

Just read the Scriptures, God’s perfect Word. Pray about it earnestly, as if your life depended on it – because it does.

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