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Snowmageddon hits California, Gavin goes to Baja


Mar 11, 2023

Anyone asking the question “What does Gavin want?” clearly hasn’t paid any attention to what the California governor has been doing.

It isn’t that his state isn’t dealing with enormous problems, namely lots of RAIN – hundreds of inches of it – and SNOW – uncountable feet of it – as well as hundreds of communities trapped by it all. And the weather forecast is for more of the same, starting as I write this and continuing for the next week and a half at the least.

With all of this, hundreds of people are trapped in their homes in the mountains with the snow being too deep to dig out, electric power is out, their food supplies are dwindling, the roads are impassable, and because of the deep snow, herds of cattle are stranded and starving because of not being able to reach food.

It’s not a pretty picture, to say the least.

Mother Nature clearly has it in for the Golden State and the man who is politically in charge as governor!

And how did he respond? Well, when the worst hit last weekend, he took a few days off, initially not telling anyone where he would be. A few days later, he appeared in his office and had photos taken of him talking with staff.

It was then that it was revealed he had gone to Baja, in Mexico, for some sun and sand.

Never mind that his state and its citizens were being bombarded by record-setting terrible weather – Gov. Gavin Newsom needed some time off and just took it. Did family go with him? He felt no need to say. And all the while, the unprecedented levels of snow and incessant rain continues.

Despite that, Newsom made some announcements that have raised alarms across the state – one being that the state is canceling a $54 million contract with the pharmacy Walgreens. He says it is punishment for Walgreens’ decision not to distribute abortion pills in states where attorneys general have warned it would be illegal.

This affects Walgreens and any other company that, as Newsom said, “cowers to the extremists and puts women’s lives at risk.”

Newsom said, “California is on track to be the fourth-largest economy in the world, and we will leverage our market power to defend the right to choose.”

The FDA this year expanded its rules to allow pharmacies to dispense the abortion pills after a certification process. That would allow the sale of the pills at pharmacies as well as by mail. Then, last month, a letter signed by attorneys general in 20 states, said it is against the law to send abortion drugs through the mail. As a result, Walgreens said it would not do that – and Newsom responded angrily.

Keep in mind that the governor is being watched closely by abortion foes, and this issue has raised hackles. Mary Rose Short, director of California Right To Life, is quoted as saying, “Gavin Newsom’s attempt to bully Walgreens into providing abortion drugs in jurisdictions where it might be illegal highlights his prioritization of delivering dead children over live ones.”

It is more than clear where Newsom stands on abortion. Last year, he supported a state-wide ballot measure that amended the state constitution to prohibit interference with abortion rights. Proposition 1 was approved by two out of three voters.

This whole issue has gained him wide publicity across the state and nationally, and it fits with the talk that he is a non-declared candidate for President.

The constitution of California requires the governor to report to the legislature every year about the condition of the state along with his recommendations as to how to rectify situations.

This year, Newsom decided NOT to make a formal “State of the State” speech to the legislature and instead send letters to legislators laying out his proposed policies.

Over the years, he has addressed a variety of statewide issues. This year, he is expected to focus on policies involving increased affordable housing and reducing statewide homelessness. In addition to the series of letters, Newsom plans a statewide tour involving major speeches in Los Angeles, the Bay Area and San Diego.

In all, they would give him the broad profile in the media of his political positions on issues he feels are important. They would certainly enhance his position as he moves, however quietly but not really, to a run for higher office.

Is there a “President Newsom” in our future? Who knows? But never rule him out.
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