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The ‘one-world government’ effort is collapsing


Mar 18, 2023

I must have missed this announcement on the news: Rogue elements attempting a takeover of governments across the world for their own purposes have surrendered. The Deep State conspiracy against the free world has collapsed.

Fantasy? Maybe not. There are wars that are fought in the spiritual realm before they ever break out in the physical (natural) realm. There are also wars that are fought in the spiritual realm that never break out in the natural realm. Those are sometimes known as the “war for the mind.”

Wars against God are always fought in the spiritual realm, or as the Bible terms it, against principalities and powers. They may manifest in the physical realm by attempts to remove God from schools, medical services, governments, military, business, entertainment and any other element of society that has influence over many people. The devil knows that he cannot win a direct spiritual war against God, so he attempts to remove God’s influence over people, toward whom God has extended grace and mercy. The devil also attempts to take over key elements of society and culture for his own purposes, which are always anti-God in nature.

I never learned much about this from the churches I attended during my lifetime. I learned a lot about doctrine and denominations, however, and how this or that neighboring church was wrong about what they thought and taught.

Having lived through this war the church has been in (although few church members even knew it) over the last few years, I think those church leaders whom I encountered didn’t know much about spiritual battles. I don’t think most of them even knew there was a battle being fought.

The sad part is, many of our churches have spent more time battling neighboring denominations over beliefs and translations of the Bible, clothing and dress than they have battling principalities and powers in the heavenlies. As a result, Satan may have thought he had a chance.

Our beliefs are important because, as the Bible tells us, “As a man thinketh, so he is.” This war we’ve been in has been all about beliefs – religious and otherwise. The Deep State and One World Government (the former a tool of the latter) believe that they are destined to take over the world and use the rest of us as their slaves, much like the Egyptians did the Jews. They come up with such hallmarks of wisdom as, “you will own nothing and be happy.” What they really mean is they will own everything and be very happy. It may well be that these wealthy and powerful people believed they would eventually conquer and enslave the entire universe. But God is fond of reversals, as the first Exodus reveals.

If that sounds like too many comic books when they were kids, you may be right. Still, technology does seem to be aligning with their darkened dreams. Rocket technology has become the plaything of billionaires with too much money to burn, while they inflict electric cars upon the rest of us to “save the world.”

AI (artificial intelligence) seemed like a nice way to explain programs that exploited and controlled the rest of us, and shielded the big-bucks billionaires from responsibility and blame, even though they were calling the shots through programming the AI circuitry. They certainly employed them effectively to squelch free speech in America.

Money and power allow people of even modest abilities to control others who are much smarter and more ethical. Think blackmail and payoffs, which now seem to be rampant in our government at many levels. Elections went from hand-counting paper ballots and delivering same-day results, to Big Tech displays of power and influence over the results, which could not be questioned by mere voters. Like in the old Soviet Union, the billionaires didn’t much care who voted, as long as they used their carefully concocted technology to count the votes.

Perhaps these people counted on God to remain aloof. Recently, however, God began to refer to these people as the pharaohs of old. If you showed interest, God would take you back to the Exodus described in the Old Testament. Then He would say, “There’s one more Exodus coming.” Sometimes He called it the Greater Exodus.

To many in the modern church, the idea that God would involve himself in governmental change, beyond nudging one candidate ahead of another in an election, was fantasy – or worse. “We’re in the New Testament, now!” they would say. The war against God by governments has been going on for quite some time. We just haven’t seen Him fight back.

Apparently, these governments never expected to encounter God as an adversary on the battlefield. They would have benefited reading the book of Exodus before instigating their war against God in our schools, business, entertainment industries, governments, and yes, even our churches. Perhaps it was government’s labeling of churches as non-essential during the lockdowns that tipped the scales; I don’t know.

What I do know is that God is now telling us that the Deep State is finished. Here in the natural, the battle rages on. But in the spiritual realm, God has already claimed victory. Just like the Jews at the Red Sea, we will soon see the same victory manifest in the physical realm.

God often told Israel in the Old Testament (remember, that’s where He was then, too) that the battle was the Lord’s. Israel was to stand and resist, but God would fight and win the battle.

The devil uses the same weapons against us today that he used earlier in human history, even as far back as Adam and Eve: Lies and deceit. Jesus, during his time in the desert, simply responded by quoting scripture to the devil. We do well to follow His example. We may believe we are living in the New Testament, but at the moment God seems to be back in the Old Testament, just as He was with Moses against Pharaoh in Egypt. Isn’t God fascinating?

“Earth’s Final Kingdom,” by Craige McMillan

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