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Let’s Check In And See How The Largest Metropolitian Areas In The United States Are Doing…


May 16, 2023

Our largest cities are being run by progressive politicians that have been working very hard to implement extremely ambitious progressive agendas.  So how is that working out?  In this article, I am going to check in on the three largest metropolitan areas in the United States to see how they are doing.  Have they been transformed into “liberal utopias” that can serve as examples to show the rest of the world how they should be doing things?  Not exactly.  Instead, conditions have gotten really bad in each one of them and things are getting worse with each passing day.

Let’s start with New York City.  According to Wikipedia, the Big Apple is part of the largest metropolitan area in the United States.  Almost 20 million people currently live in the region, and thanks to progressive law enforcement policies retail theft has risen to ridiculously absurd levels

Retail theft is on the rise, with robbery, burglary and other crimes increasing by 22%.

And while 327 offenders accounted for 30% of New York City’s 22,000 retail theft arrests in 2022, recidivists were arrested almost 6,600 times, for an average of 20 times each.

The results of this are obvious: Merchants have made approximately 63,000 complaints — most going unresolved.

Meanwhile, New York City is being absolutely flooded with migrants.

Liberals love the idea of migrants pouring into this country illegally until the time comes when they must take care of them directly.

At this point, the Big Apple has run out of space to put more migrants, and so they have decided to start sending some of them by bus to nearby counties

Following New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ announcement last week that the city will bus some migrants to hotels in nearby counties temporarily, officials in Orange County and Rockland counties filed lawsuits attempting to stop the plan – even as some migrants have already arrived.

The counties have also issued executive orders barring the arrival of migrants and asylum seekers.

It could be argued that conditions are even worse in the second largest metropolitan area in the United States.

Close to 13 million people live in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, and right now the region is facing the worst drug crisis that it has ever experienced.

A flesh-eating drug known as “tranq” was originally popularized in Philadelphia, but now it is “saturating the streets of Los Angeles”

A flesh-eating “zombie drug” called xylazine has been saturating the streets of Los Angeles with severe, deadly effects when mixed with illicit opioids.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officials launched a new program to track the troubling prevalence of the substance, which is a sedative typically used by veterinarians to anesthetize animals.

We have never seen anything quite like this before.

This drug can make people stagger around in a stupor for hours, and it can also cause extremely painful sores that can literally rot your skin away

Also known as “tranq” or “tranq dope” on the streets, xylazine has become increasingly present in the illicit drug supply. The drug can be cooked down into a powder form and mixed with illicit opioids such as heroin and fentanyl or pressed into counterfeit pills or sedatives.

The “zombie drug” nickname stems from the substance’s known effect of rotting the skin.

Many addicts live in the numerous tent cities that have blossomed all over the City of Angels.

One of these homeless encampments that was established very close to the border of Beverly Hills ended up creating a tremendous amount of controversy

A homeless camp that mushroomed into a sea of tents neighboring Beverly Hills has finally been broken up after disgruntled residents complained for weeks that the tent-dwellers were using and selling drugs at the site.

Furious residents of the upscale enclave of Beverly Grove watched in horror as scores of homeless people set up camp on San Vicente Boulevard last month.

They have described how the tent-dwellers are fighting ‘all hours of the day’ while also using and selling drugs at the encampment.

Needless to say, the third largest metropolitan area in the United States knows all about crime, drugs and homelessness.

Voters actually got rid of Mayor Lori Lightfoot in the last election because conditions have deteriorated so badly in the Windy City.

But they replaced her with a guy that is even more liberal, and now a number of CEOs are warning that their companies will permanently leave if Brandon Johnson goes through with all of the new taxes that he is promising…

Companies are already vowing to leave Chicago over additional taxes promised by its new mayor – a progressive tasked with addressing the city’s dwindling image under predecessor Lori Lightfoot.

Sworn in early Monday, Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson beat out more moderate Chicago schools CEO Paul Vallas earlier this month to earn the hallowed spot – something business leaders like CME Group Inc are already peeved about.

Appearing on a podcast Sunday, the chief executive of the country’s foremost financial derivatives exchange, Terry Duffy, voiced his distaste over additional taxes planned by the ex union organizer, who was endorsed by Bernie Sanders.

Personally, I don’t understand why those companies are still there.

Chicago has become a perpetual nightmare, and that isn’t going to change any time soon.

Of course the same thing could be said for hundreds of other cities.  In Baltimore, a business owner that has operated in her local community “for more than four decades” is finally throwing in the towel due to rising crime…

The latest incident comes as a mom-and-pop business, operating in Baltimore City for more than four decades, has been forced to shutter operations because of numerous armed robberies.

Jody Rosoff, the owner of Doc’s Smoke Shop in Baltimore’s Highlandtown neighborhood, told local media Fox 45 that she has been robbed at gunpoint for the second time in six months and just recently had to shoot an intruder.

She said her business has been operating in the city for decades and now has to close up shop because “it’s not safe for anybody on this street that’s a small business owner.”

The liberals that run these cities don’t like to see the headlines that their policies have created.

But instead of fixing things, in many cases they simply bring crime rates down by making it extremely difficult for normal citizens to report crimes.

If your crime never gets formally reported, it doesn’t show up in the crime statistics, and that makes those that are currently in charge look better.

But nobody can deny what is happening all around the country.

Crime is completely and utterly out of control, and it is getting worse with each passing year.

At this point things are so bad that the Postal Service is actually being forced to replace thousands of mail receptacles from coast to coast

USPS also said there has been a higher volume of theft incidents from mail receptacles.

In fiscal year 2022, there were 38,500 thefts. In the first half of 2023, there have been over 25,000.

To address this, USPS is establishing harder blue collection boxes at 12,000 locations across the U.S.

There is chaos in our streets on a nightly basis.

This is our country now.

If things are this bad in 2023, what will our largest cities look like once economic conditions severely deteriorate in the years ahead?

We have reached such a critical turning point in this country, and we desperately need leadership.

Unfortunately, Joe Biden is running the show in Washington and Democrats are in charge in virtually all of our biggest cities.

Things are going to continue to get worse for quite some time to come, and that is really bad news for all of us.

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