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Never before has America faced such existential danger


May 18, 2023

It’s been a very rocky two and a half years. It started with the stolen election of 2020 and has gone downhill since then – predictably so. There’s no way to soft-pedal it. America’s promise of freedom literally hangs in the balance – on a shoestring.

Joe Biden and his entire illegitimate administration has been a nightmare, a farce, the Keystone Cops of government.

It began on Jan. 6 – the day of the long knives, the day America declared war on itself, the day of a coup d’état.

This was the closest we have ever come to seeing, feeling and experiencing the American Gestapo – a very sick day. The people responsible for creating that climate deserve never to expect another chance to participate in the free exercise of a free people. That was the day the Democrats – all of them – became enemies of the people. Truly.

Who are they – besides Joe Biden?

Let me list a few.

Nancy Pelosi, the former speaker of the House, Sen. Charles Schumer, FBI Director Christopher Wray, lead prosecutor Matthew Graves for “maliciously prosecuting at least 1,000 people from Jan. 6,” James Clapper, former director of “national intelligence,” former CIA Director John Brennan. Then there are two who took office after Jan. 6: Alejandro Mayorkas, secretary of homeland security, and Attorney General Merrick Garland. I could go and on with such a list. But this gives an idea of who I’m thinking of. It’s a very long list of anti-Americans. Someday, we need to write several volumes – but this is not the time nor place.

We must not forget who incubated this monstrosity – Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. They deserve a special place in the depths of the netherworld to think long and hard about what they have done.

And who was the one person who drove them insane?

No question. It was Donald Trump who showed them for what they really are.

But we are facing continued bad times for America – at least 18 months or so. Will we make it? Does America deserve a second chance? Will we get it? Or will there be another surprise in 2024?

We patriots have never faced such adversity before. I never imagined I would live to see the United States become a banana republic. I could never have imagined America losing its grip on reality. I could never have imagined America, for instance, not paying heed to our greatest gift as a nation – the First Amendment. But it’s dead. It’s forgotten. It’s comatose.

It’s a simple question: Will we come out of this? We’ve been through the wringer since January 2021.

First, Joe Biden overturn all of Trump’s energy policies in favor of green madness. Then came the tragedy of the Afghanistan withdrawal. Then came Biden’s spending policies. Then hyperinflation began setting in. There’s his stumbling and fumbling. Then the open border policies led to the this historic illegal-immigration wave – which continues to this day. Biden has fundamentally changed the character of our nation. Then the cruel war in Ukraine. Then the Chinese spy balloons caper. It’s almost difficult to imagine a more dangerous, counterproductive, foolish, risky pattern of brinksmanship.

How about Biden’s radical domestic policies, which include the destruction of women’s sports, the mutilation of children and the deliberate confusion of our youth about gender?

This is not a record of just a few mistakes. It suggest something much more sinister – something deeply anti-American, revolutionary, immoral, defiantly … anti-God.

What do we do to turn our nation around?

What do we do to reorder our priorities in a world that doesn’t listen?

We must become a prayerful people. The degradation of America is more than coincidence. God is after our attention. This is serious. Our nation will never be the same if we don’t respond right now. There is no time to waste.

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