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NYC Parents Protest Illegal Aliens Occupying Public Schools And Displacing Their Children


May 18, 2023

New York City parents are protesting illegal aliens who are occupying public school gyms as temporary shelters. NYC Mayor Eric Adams says that 20 of these locations were identified, among other places, simply because they do not have many other options. The Mayor also says that the gyms are “standalone” facilities that are not inside any actual schools.

This may be true, however, these gyms are still utilized by students. Students are now banned from these facilities in an effort to keep them from interfering with the migrants. A woman told local NYC news that her granddaughter takes occupational therapy at one of the gyms and that will come to an end now that the illegal aliens have taken over.

Another concerned citizen says that there is no communication from any higher-ups about the condition of these migrants. It is not known if these people are sick, or if they have criminal records, or anything else. Illegal aliens housed right next to unsuspecting children is, at best, dangerous. The irony should not be lost on these protesters that the current state of affairs is, in part, their fault. Many people held up signs saying that they support migrants, and also housing for migrants, but simply not at the locations where they will be housed.

It makes sense to protest the importing of thousands of illegal aliens to a place, but this protest comes off more like a “not-in-my-backyard” scenario. Many of these concerned parents in New York are perfectly fine with the unfettered access to the country that these illegal aliens have. They would simply prefer the migrants to stay at the border instead of their own backyards.


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