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Monkeypox Gets Rebrand Ahead Of Pride Month Celebrations


May 20, 2023

The monkeypox virus has been rebranded as “mpox” as the CDC warns of a potential resurgence this summer. The key issue the CDC is acknowledging with the potential “comeback” of the virus is quite simply… PRIDE month.

Back in August of 2022, NBC News reported that studies show the virus is spread through male-to-male sexual contact. The studies they referenced dismissed incidental contact such as skin-to-skin, without sex. So, obviously, PRIDE month is a time for a lot of gay men to have celebrations that often involve a lot of sex. Especially with multiple partners. The news media may be somewhat too afraid to address this point, even though this is the exact reason why the CDC is issuing a warning.

The rebrand of “monkeypox” to “mpox” is sort of a smoke screen. The World Health Organization reports that they were informed of racial stereotypes and bullying online associated with the term “monkeypox” so they decided to rebrand it as “mpox”.


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Chief Nerd on Twitter: “NEW – CDC Warns of New Mpox Cluster w/ Most Cases in the Fully Vaccinated “9 of those 13 cases were among men who had received both doses of the two dose JYNNEOS Mpox vaccine…It’s still important for those at highest risk of Mpox to be vaccinated.” https://t.co/ijz2bgHNge” / Twitter

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