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San Francisco Released Video Of Trans Walgreens Shoplifter Shooting


May 20, 2023

San Francisco has released a video of the controversial shooting of a trans man named Banko Brown at a local Walgreens. There had been a demand for the video to be released for quite a while now. LGBT activists and anti-police activists have been in an uproar since the incident happened.

A security guard shot Brown after a scuffle over an alleged shoplifting incident. The guard attempted to stop Brown from stealing and Brown resisted. They fought on the ground for a while until the guard let Brown up from a dominant position. Brown reached for the stolen merchandise on the ground and attempted to leave. According to San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins, Banko Brown decided to jump at the security guard with a knife when the guard tried to follow. At this point, the guard shot Brown one time in the chest and that was enough to end their life.

Several anti-police and pro-LGBT protests have happened in this particular area of San Francisco since the shooting. Many say that Brown lost “his” (her) life over less than fourteen dollars. SF DA Jenkins says that this was a clear case of self-defense and the guard will face no charges. Video of the incident, combined with knowledge of the actual incident from witnesses and the guard, makes the DA’s case pretty difficult to refute.


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