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Crazy Shootout Takes Place On Charlotte, NC City Bus


May 29, 2023

A bus driver in Charlotte, North Carolina got into a crazy shootout with a passenger during a ride. The passenger was upset that the driver would not let him off between stops and began to argue with him. This argument quickly escalated when the passenger pulled out a gun. The driver then pulled out his own gun and then shot the passenger in self-defense. They are now in a full-on shootout on the bus with at least one or two other passengers ducking for their lives.

The shootout continued for a while off of the bus between the driver and the passenger. Luckily, nobody died in this case. However, both men were injured by gunfire. The driver was fired due to the rule that states no guns are allowed on the bus. He was also accused of not doing enough to de-escalate the situation. The passenger who pulled the weapon first has been arrested and charged. No charges are currently pending for the driver.


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