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‘Godlessness’: Super popular Christian TV show defends gay-pride flag on set


May 31, 2023

(Courtesy Instagram)

(Courtesy Instagram)

By Kate Anderson
Daily Caller News Foundation

The popular TV show “The Chosen” defended having a pride flag on set after facing criticism on social media, according to its Twitter posts on Tuesday.

Jon Root, a Christian conservative commentator and Turning Point USA contributor, tweeted out screenshots Monday of a behind-the-scenes YouTube video showing a pride flag on the set of the TV show, which portrays the life of Jesus and his ministry, and asked why the pride flag was there. The Chosen Twitter account replied to Root Tuesday, saying that “we will work with anyone on our show.”

“Just like with our hundreds of cast and crew who have different beliefs (or no belief at all) than we do, we will work with anyone on our show who helps us portray or honor the authentic Jesus,” tweets read. “We ask that audiences let the show speak for itself and focus on the message, not the messenger, because we’ll always let you down.”

Dallas Jenkins, the creator of “The Chosen,” told the Daily Caller News Foundation that there is no “religious or political litmus test” for employees.

“I love our cast and crew, especially because even though they all come from different backgrounds and beliefs, they work their butts off for the show and the viewers,” Jenkins said. “The show’s official stance on anything is to be found in the content of the show.”

Root told the DCNF that he was “shocked” by the show’s position.

“This is not the response of a show that is truly dedicated to honoring the ‘authentic Jesus’ and everything He stood for,” Root said. “The response showed that ‘The Chosen’ unapologetically supports sexual depravity and has no problem promoting homosexuality & transgenderism. Promoting and accepting unrepentant sin is not the way Jesus lived or taught His followers to live.”

Root also asked Christians to boycott the show on Twitter, referencing similar moves after Target and Bud Light promoted trans and LGBTQ ideology, and encouraged prayer for Jenkins, the cast and crew.

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“While I can appreciate the impact this show has made on millions, this decision makes them no better than Target or Bud Light in my opinion,” Root told the DCNF. “Christians have always known the Pride flag to be a slap in the face to the rainbow as God intended it – to be a visual representation of his promise to Noah and everyone on the earth that he would never flood the earth again. The Chosen is not beyond reproach. They have freely promoted godlessness and defended it.”

Editor’s Note: This article was updated to remove allegations made by a Christian news site about one of The Chosen’s cameramen.

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