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Wanted: Corrupt Stooge for High Political Office. Must Have Pulse


May 31, 2023

via Sovereign Man

With only days to go before the federal government of the Land of the Free defaults on its debt, it appears that a compromise may finally be on the horizon.

As part of the bargain, both sides have agreed to slash part of the $80 billion in new funding that the IRS was awarded last year.

This is quite a blow to the President, who sold his plan to beef up the IRS last year by saying that the agency would capture up to “a trillion 300 million billion dollars if we hire more IRS agents.”

A trillion 300 million billion? That sure does sound like a lot of money.

Mr. Biden, of course, never seems to have much of a handle of arithmetic (nor anything else).

At one point he explained that Covid-19 had taken “200 billion lives”, and then further commented that “just the outbreak, has taken more than one hundred year, look, here, the lives, it’s just, just think about it.”

Quite sadly he even recently claimed that his son Beau died during a military deployment to in Iraq. In reality, Beau returned from Iraq in 2009, but died of brain cancer in 2015. You’d think his dad would know that.

And this is on top of the countless videos out there of the President shaking hands with thin air, wandering aimlessly at official functions, reading instructions from teleprompters such as “repeat for emphasis”, and stopping mid-sentence with a thousand-yard stare.

Now, Biden isn’t the first leader in history who showed signs of dementia.

King George the III of England famously thought a tree was the king of Prussia. Margaret Thatcher, and Ronald Reagan showed signs of dementia towards the end of their terms in office.

But there is a key difference.

President Biden has deliberately surrounded himself with incompetent lunatics.

For example, his Vice President’s latest inspiring quote is, “It’s very important… for us at every moment in time, and certainly this one, to seize the moment in time in which we exist in our present, and to be able to contextualize it, to understand where we exist in the history and in the moment as it relates not only to the past, but to the future.”

Profound. A college freshman smoking his first joint couldn’t have said it better.

What’s crazy is that this sort of verbal incontinence is pervasive across the rest of government.

After a three month absence in the Senate due to shingles, 89-year-old Senator Dianne Feinstein returned to Washington and informed a reporter, “I haven’t been gone. I’ve been working.”

The reporter asked for clarification if the Senator meant she had been working from home.

“No, I’ve been here [at the capitol]. I’ve been voting,” she responded, before adding cryptically, “Please, you either know or don’t know.”

And here’s a direct quote from Senator John Fetterman questioning banking CEOs in a recent Senate hearing:

“That’s like if you have I mean like an-and they also realize that that now they have it’s an in a guaranteed, a guaranteed way to be saved by noma again, no matter, by-by-by how?”

After an awkward silence from the men he was interrogating, Fetterman continued, “shouldn’t you have a working requirement after we sail your bank bills-in your bank? Because they seem me-more preoccupied than when snap requirement for works for hungry people but not about protecting the tax papers that will bail no matter whatever does about the bank, the crash.”

Now, I don’t want to poke fun of someone’s legitimate medical condition. Dementia is a devastating condition. And in Fetterman’s case, he suffered a terrible stroke during his senate campaign. It’s certainly not his fault— it could happen to anyone.

But America has become such a touchy, hypersensitive culture, that it’s considered gauche to even question whether someone who suffered a stroke, or suffers from dementia, is still fit for office.

So if you think you’re entitled to an elected representative who actually knows where she is… well then the entire establishment closes ranks around the politician to defend them and labels you a bad person.

The most we can possibly expect of elected leaders right now is that they have a pulse.

Full control of their mental faculties? Not relevant. Backbone and integrity? Laughable.

This is a pretty terrible trend given that the US is riddled with so many serious, malignant problems. This debt ceiling crisis is only the latest one… and they haven’t solved it. Even if their bargain is successful, they’re only punting the problem into the future by little more than two years.

Social Security’s insolvency is looming. America’s military readiness is falling. More bank crises are looming. The dollar is in danger of losing its global dominance. Geopolitical threats are growing.

You’d think that voters would want the best possible leaders who are at the absolute top of their game.

But no. Instead, you just need a pulse.

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