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WATCH: Parents furious as video captures what male Disney worker was doing in young girls’ shop


May 31, 2023

Parents were shocked when it was revealed on social media that a mustachioed man named “Nick” who was dressed as a princess was welcoming kids into a boutique at Disneyland that is meant to help young girls feel like Disney princesses.

The video of “Nick the fairy godmother” welcoming little girls into the Enchanted Chamber shop near the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at the Anaheim, California theme park was posted to TikTok by a mom named Kourtni on Friday and has earned more than 7 million views.

“A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep,” she said in the post.

Twitter user Jason Jones was less upbeat about it when he shared the Disney video on that platform Monday.

“Disney has a man in a dress working in the dress store for little girls at Disneyland,” he said. “This is who Disney wants girls to see when they first walk in to pick out a dress.”

Jones’ tweet had more than 8.7 million views as of Tuesday afternoon.

“Nick,” of course is a man in a dress, not a “princess.”

The Enchanted Chamber is set up to assist little girls in choosing their special Disney princess dresses — which are priced at $250 to $450 in the video — before they have their hair and makeup done so they can walk the park in their princess getup.

Many Twitter users were aghast that Disney, which is already taking major financial hits amid its descent into LGBT propagandizing, would allow a “creepy” dude in makeup to be a front-door welcomer for little girls.

It seems unlikely that Disney will suffer much Bud Lighting from this outrageous display in front of little girls. After all, it already has become one of the most über woke companies in the country.

Disney is so dedicated to pushing radical transgenderism and the LGBT agenda on the world’s children that it reportedly shrugged off losing more than a quarter of a billion dollars on woke box office bombs just over the last year alone.

The “House of Mouse” also promotes woke propaganda in its children’s TV and streaming shows.

It doesn’t stop with Disney’s programming. The company launched an intense campaign to expose Florida’s schoolchildren to LGBT material by virulently opposing the Sunshine State’s Parental Rights in Education law to prevent kids from being confronted with inappropriate sexual content and left-wing gender politics in school.

The corporation’s amusement parks even eliminated the phrase “boys and girls” from their welcoming spiels in an effort to be “inclusive.”

Even though it traditionally has been a company that makes entertainment, toys and other products for kids, Disney has fully embraced the LGBT agenda and worked to indoctrinate children in it.

Will this newest video of a mustachioed man dressed as a “princess” at the California park cause an uproar?

If it does, it seems likely that Disney won’t pay any attention to it at all. It has already gone all in to support radical wokeism.

The only thing that might get the mega-corporation to change course is losing billions of dollars more in revenue.

The ball is in your court, America.

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