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Country-music star boots fan from concert for getting too grabby: ‘Took it personal’


Jun 1, 2023

An overzealous fan learned what happens when you try to take something that isn’t yours — you get a one-way ticket to the exit door.

Country star Zach Bryan booted a fan after the concertgoer tried to snatch his guitar at an Albany, New York, show on Friday.

As Bryan walked past thousands of fans with his instrument in hand, many just tried to give the singer a high-five, but one went a little too far.

An unidentified female was able to briefly grab onto the neck of the guitar before her grip was broken by the “Something in the Orange” singer.

Bryan pointed at the concertgoer and appeared to say, “Hey, get her out of here,” causing a security guard to head in her direction.

@lukecasey14 When you try and take @Zach Bryan guitar and end up getting kicked out. Glad I was able to get this video! #MVPArena #ZacBryan #burnburnburntour ♬ original sound – Lucas Casey

After the encounter, the singer made it very clear that no one was going to take his “sweet ol’ gal,” in a Twitter response to the event.

Did this fan go too far?

“The one in my hands when this happened was mine, my sweet ol’ gal, we’ve been everywhere together and written every song in the last few years together,” Bryan wrote.

“Took it personal, but nothing against whoever wound up getting kicked out.”

The singer noted, “I give J-45’s [guitars] out at a lot of concerts,” which might explain why the fan thought they might have had a chance of walking away with the stringed instrument.

Just a few days prior, Bryan gave out a guitar at his Jacksonville, Florida, show in a now-viral TikTok.

In a subsequent tweet, the country star told fans what behavior he does not tolerate and issued a “promise.”

“I don’t mind people being respectful and trying to touch me or the guitar, but if you try to rip it out of my hands I promise I’ll rip you out of whatever venue we’re at, respectfully, of course,” Bryan concluded.

Bryan is currently on his Burn, Burn, Burn tour, where he partnered with the ticket-selling site AXS in an effort to clamp down on ticket scalping.

“Seems like there is a massive issue with fair ticket prices to live shows lately. I have met kids at my shows who have paid upwards of four hundred bucks to be there and I’m done with it,” the 27-year-old stated via Instagram.

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