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Chicago Approves Another $51 Million For Illegal Alien Food, Housing


Jun 3, 2023

Chicago City Council has voted to spend another $51 million dollars to house and feed illegal aliens. This dollar amount will only keep the ball rolling for the month of June. The total amount of money spent on “migrants” this month will actually be $102 million. The remainder of the proverbial bill will be paid by state and federal funds. Needless to say, Chicago citizens showed up to a recent city council meeting to express their grievances with this expenditure.

Homeless people and those from blighted communities feel like they are being neglected while illegal immigrants are being placed on a pedestal. The problem with this line of thinking from these people is that the overwhelming majority of them voted for this. A black woman, wearing a pan-African shirt, stood up to communicate her displeasure with the recently-announced expenditure. She capped off her comment by saying that she voted for Brandon Johnson.


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