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YouTube Reverses Policy On Denying Election Results


Jun 5, 2023

YouTube has announced that they are reversing its 2020 policy against denying election results in preparation for the 2024 campaign cycle. Their stated reason for this is multi-faceted, but their main stance is that this policy could cause a problem with freedom of speech. This, of course, is the main thing that opponents of the 2020 rule have been saying from the beginning. Thousands upon thousands of videos have been deleted since the policy was enacted. Not to mention all of the channels that have been deleted.

There is no word from the social media and video giant if any action will be taken retroactively to restore videos and channels that have been deleted as a result of the policy. YouTube’s reasoning behind reversing the policy is also sort of… murky. Some people say that this is happening simply because there is a chance that Republicans will take back the White House in 2024.

If a repeat of 2016 happens, there will be leftists who deny the election results. It happened in 2016 as well. Hillary Clinton blamed her loss on Russia, which is part of what sparked Donald Trump’s first impeachment. Stacey Abrams also denied her election result in 2018 against Brian Kemp. Not much noise was made about either of those women destroying the credibility of the Republic. When Donald Trump did the same thing, however, the 2020 policy from YouTube and other social media platforms came about.


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YouTube reverses misinformation policy to allow U.S. election denialism

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