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Malaysian Mountain Climber Blocks Sherpa On Instagram Who Saved Him On Mount Everest


Jun 7, 2023

A Malaysian mountain climber allegedly blocked the Sherpa who saved his life after a near-death experience near the summit of Mount Everest. The Sherpa, Gelje Sherpa, was helping his client reach the top of the mountain when he noticed another climber in peril. The climber was holding on to a rope in a stationary position, exhibiting signs of frostbite that could turn deadly at any moment.

The man was in the “Everest death zone” where numerous other climbers have lost their lives. This particular area and altitude routinely reach temperatures of 30 below zero Celsius. Gelje Sherpa convinced his client, a man from China, to postpone his journey to the top so he could save the Malaysian man.

Gelje wrapped the man up in a thick full-body suit and strapped him to his back. They then descended from about 8500 feet above sea level to 7900 feet. This grueling process over impossible terrain took the Sherpa six hours. A helicopter eventually came to this scene and air-lifted the Malaysian man to safety. If not for the Sherpa, the man would have most certainly frozen to death.

The Malaysian man then went on a media tour to speak about his harrowing journey. There is just one problem. He did not mention the most important part about the Sherpa strapping him to his back and hiking him down Mount Everest to safety. He even (allegedly) blocked the Sherpa on Instagram.


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