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  • Glenn Beck’s New In-depth Interview with Ron Paul: Liberty, War, US Debt, the Federal Reserve, and the Dollar

Glenn Beck’s New In-depth Interview with Ron Paul: Liberty, War, US Debt, the Federal Reserve, and the Dollar

Glenn Beck’s new interview with prominent libertarian communicator Ron Paul starts with Beck’s outstanding introduction of Paul. Then comes Beck’s not to miss in-depth one hour discussion with Paul regarding…

As U.S. helps Israel ethnically cleanse the “holy land,” Biden is deploying heavy machinery to U.S. southern border to LIFT razor wire, allowing more illegals to flood America

(NaturalNews) Just in time for the arrival of a 300-member illegal alien caravan, U.S. Border Patrol, at the direction of the Biden regime, lifted razor wire to… Read More

Israel attempting ethnic cleansing within its own border by giving CONTRACEPTIVES to Ethiopian women WITHOUT CONSENT

(NaturalNews) A little over 10 years ago, it was reported that the government of Israel had been attempting to ethnically cleanse its own official borders by… Read More

Egypt says NO to Israel’s push for Gaza’s 2+ million residents to be forced into the Sinai Peninsula

(NaturalNews) It is a completely unrealistic war aim for Israel to expect to rid the entire Gaza Strip of Hamas, according to the government of Egypt.Officials… Read More

Communications in Gaza are DOWN as Israel now surrounds Gaza City with plans to divide coastal Palestinian city into two

(NaturalNews) In its third total outage since October 7, the Palestinian territory of Gaza is once again without communications as Israel Defense Forces (IDF) plow… Read More

Israel’s stranglehold on U.S. politics prompts top UN official to resign over failure to stop “genocide” of Palestinians

(NaturalNews) Citing the body’s failure to properly address the conflict between Israel and Palestine, Craig Mokhiber has resigned from the United Nations (UN),… Read More

House Oversight Committee Issues Subpoenas for Hunter, James Biden

Oversight Committee ready for Biden crime family members to provide taped interviews regarding shady payments from foreign sources. The House Oversight and Accountability Committee on Wednesday issued subpoenas to several…

Ebola is in the COVID Vaccines! Respected Research Scientist Judy Mikovits Drops Massive Bombshell!

Watch and share this groundbreaking interview to help spread the word! Dr. Judy Mikovits joins The Alex Jones Show in-studio to break down the cocktail of deadly contents in the…

YouTuber Mr. Beast Accused of ‘Racism’ After He Builds 100 Wells Across Africa Providing Clean Water to Citizens

Popular content creator uses well drills to bring clean safe drinking water to nearly half a million desperate Africans. YouTuber Mr. Beast was accused of racism and white privilege by…

Man Threatened by Deranged Leftist at Virginia Polling Place Tells the Rest of the Story Not Caught on Video

Get the inside scoop on what went down in the viral footage Matthew Hurtt joins The Alex Jones Show to break down what happened when a Democrat voter in Arlington, Virginia…