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  • VINDICATION: Study finds Trump “almost certainly” won 2020 election, but mail-in ballot fraud resulted in Biden “winning” instead

VINDICATION: Study finds Trump “almost certainly” won 2020 election, but mail-in ballot fraud resulted in Biden “winning” instead

(NaturalNews) Had there not been massive voter fraud, i.e., fraudulent mail-in ballots, in the 2020 election, Donald Trump “almost certainly” would have won, a new… Read More

SCREW WORMS and other biological weapons may soon be invading the U.S. agricultural system to degrade the food supply, warns Michael Yon

(NaturalNews) Illegal alien migrants are not the only things creeping their way into America from the southern border – so are screw worms.A little-known… Read More

Experts advise Biden against signing the WHO “Pandemic Treaty” that enslaves the world under a medical dictatorship

(NaturalNews) Health and policy experts have been sending feelers to President Joe Biden not to sign the World Health Organization’s agreement and its 194 member… Read More

WATCH: Residents of San Francisco’s Chinatown set self-driving Waymo car ABLAZE in act of defiance against AI

(NaturalNews) The battle between humanity and artificial intelligence (AI) is intensifying after a group of people in San Francisco’s Chinatown deliberately set… Read More

Trump Meets With Tulsi Gabbard Over How to Run DoD in Second Term — Media Melts Down!

Washington Post decries meeting as evidence Trump will pursue “isolationist” policy that threatens the international world order and puts the brakes on endless wars. Former President Donald Trump met with…

Watch: James O’Keefe Extracts Undercover Journalist After Held at Gunpoint Inside ‘Human Trafficking’ Camp

O’Keefe rescues undercover illegal who infiltrated ‘No Mas Muertes’ humanitarian aid camp in Arizona near border. Journalist James O’Keefe’s O’Keefe Media Group had to extract an illegal alien working incognito…

Who Had ‘Russian Nukes In Space’ On Their Election-Year Disruption Bingo-Card?

Will this be the ‘event’ that triggers some increased crackdown on Russian ‘sympathisers’? With #FalseFlag trending on X, today’s “major, imminent, grave, terrifying security threat” ‘fire-alarm’ in political circles –…

Former Hillary Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Dating Billionaire Globalist Alex Soros

Truly a match made in hell. Alexander Soros, the son of far-left globalist kingpin George Soros, and Huma Abedin, once a close aide to former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton,…

Dr. Bret Weinstein Exposes Globalist Plan To Destroy Civilization

Groundbreaking discussion highlights the COVID depopulation agenda, the Great Reset, open borders, and much more — tune in and share this critical link! Dr. Bret Weinstein joins Alex Jones live…

Scientists reveal how stingray became pregnant in aquarium despite not sharing a tank with a male of her species for at least eight years

Charlotte, who has spent much of her life at the Aquarium and Shark Lab in Hendersonville, North Carolina is expected to give birth to up to four pups in the…