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  • Study reveals complex chemistry inside ‘stellar nurseries’

Study reveals complex chemistry inside ‘stellar nurseries’

“Our findings may just change the view on what ingredients we have in the first place to form new stars and new planets,” researcher says

Alex Jones LIVE: Tune in NOW for this World Exclusive Broadcast

Watch & share the NEW podcast everyone is talking about!

Thailand May BAN Pfizer Jab After Vax Puts Princess in Coma, Insider Claims

“They said to me, ‘we will see to it that Thailand is the first country in the world that is going to declare this contract null,'” says Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi.

‘Stop, look more friendly…. look motivated’: What JLo really said to Ben Affleck at the Grammys

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were seen on Sunday evening locked in a tense argument during the Grammys. Lopez orders her husband of six months to look more cheerful.

Turkey and Syria earthquake recap: Latest news, video and death toll

MAILONLINE LIVE BLOG: This was MailOnline’s live coverage of the Turkey earthquake on Monday, February 6.

Former Newcastle star Christian Atsu rescued from rubble of building after Turkey earthquake

Former Chelsea and Newcastle star Christian Atsu is alive in the rubble of a destroyed building after Monday’s 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Turkey, according to reports.

Turkey earthquake latest: Rescuers use their bare hands as they dig through night to find survivors

There fears that there will be thousands more fatalities confirmed in the coming days, as rescuers battle to save people trapped under the rubble as temperatures plunge below freezing.

Rishi Sunak is to announce mini-reshuffle TODAY

Trade minister Greg Hands and Business Secretary Grant Shapps are being touted as potential replacements.

Woke Clips From The Proud Family Reboot Go Viral

The “Proud Family” Disney reboot is facing some controversy over a few “woke” clips from the show that have gone viral. The original version of The Proud Family debuted back…

THIRD Chinese spy balloon ‘operating near U.S. interests’ – but officials won’t say where

(DAILY MAIL) — A third Chinese spy balloon could be lingering near US interests, but officials won’t say where it is. An anonymous source told the Washington Post a third…